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The Budget Balance

Wow!  Scary. (thanks Greg Mankiw)

IED Up Close

Have you ever wondered what it is like for the military?  Day in and day out, they face the possiblity of death, while we live relatively peaceful lives back in the good ol’ homefront. It’s rare that we get a glimpse at what happends in the battlefield.  He’s an oportunity to see an IED (Improvised…
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Although the below video is geared toward Catholics (from, I think it is very relevant to all of us.  It’s only 3 1/2 minutes long so watch it. [youtube 61wj4tJICcc] Remember if you can’t see the video, view the full post here.

Happy Halloween!

A little political humor to scare you (not literally of course).

Presidential Economics

In recent months, as the economy has taken first stage, I’ve started following a few economist’s blogs (never thought I would ever say that).  Greg Mankiw is a Harvard Economics professor and surely leans right as he has been an economic adviser to President Bush and John McCain.  The other, who leans only slightly left,…
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If only all politics could be like this

Wouldn’t it be great if all politics could be this light-hearted. Part I [youtube Goaj5V4tZoc] Part II [youtube mrqoSyKsAPw] Part III [youtube NXKaAQ-6BiU] Part IV [youtube QkBQf4FJi-o]

Bad Patriotism

Just a few days after my recent post on True Patriotism, I found this article from The Philadelphia Inquirer. This guy is a prime example of “Bad Patriotism.” He claims that because America has “sinned,” we shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day. Put the fireworks in storage. Cancel the parade. Tuck the soaring speeches in a drawer…
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True Patriotism

The Centrist recently sent me an article from Time Magazine titled “The State of Patriotism” by Peter Beinart.  The article details the differences between the conservative style of patriotism and the liberal philosophy. Beinart did a good job of keeping to the issue and not leaning to one side or the other.  As he indicates,…
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The Refiner’s Fire

There are tragedies in this world that nobody ever expects will happen to them.  It’s always someone else that experiences tragedy.  Yesterday, tragedy hit far too close to home.  My sister-in-law, Liz, and her husband, Zac, just experienced one of the most difficult tragedies.  They lost their little baby before they even got to experience…
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$112 billion for single parents

A recent study indicates that American taxpayers spend $112 billion a year on assistance to single parents and divorces.  Wow! That’s a lot of money.  Should we eliminate assistance for single mothers?  No, that would be seriously stupid.  But the assistance needs to be much better managed.  Some responsibility needs to go along with it.…
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