Month: February 2008

iPhone scriptures (and more)

I’ve reviewed the iPhone in the past and although I love the device, it has it’s problems and I have my pet peeves.  One of the cons I mentioned in my review was a lack of third-party applictions.  And although I am waiting with baited breath for the iPhone SDK (promised by end of February),…
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First WordPress Template… kinda

I use WordPress for my blogging software.  WordPress is an incredibly popular software package (it’s open-source and free) and thus it has lots of contributions of free templates/themes.  These themes provide the look and layout of the blog site. I recently decided that I didn’t like the look of my blog. So I looked at…
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The war is over! Blu-ray Wins!

I recently wrote an article about the High Definition DVD format war.  Well, the war is over.  Yesterday, Toshiba (the creator of the HD-DVD format) announced it would cease production of HD-DVD technology. So what does this mean for you?  Probably still nothing.  Should you rush out and buy a Blu-ray player?  Nope.  Prices are…
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Life After People – The History Channel

While flipping through channels today, I noticed a miniseries by The History Channel called “Life After People.”  They had been running some ads over the past several weeks with an interesting line that went something like this… Welcome to Earth: Population 0. It intrigued me and so I flipped to it. After just a few…
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Google adds Greater Salt Lake Area to Street View

Ratchet up the stocker fears.  Google has just released Street View for Salt Lake (including Utah and Davis Counties). Some of you may recognize the following locations.  I’ll post about the fears and privacy concerns later.

Interesting Factoid: Humber Bridge

Just and interesting fact about the Humber Bridge in England — The perfectly vertical towers are actually 36mm further apart at the top than they are at the bottom, due to the curvature of the earth!  You gotta admit.  That is cool! Thanks

Utah Legislature Bigotry

A new law is currently being pushed through the Utah Legislature that will seriously hurt the people of the State of Utah. Among other things, SB81 would make it illegal for an employer to fire a citizen if an undocumented worker is performing the same responsibilities.  WOW!  Let’s all say it together — discrimination! I’m…
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