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“Evil” areas of the United States

Have you ever wondered where the “worst” areas of the country are? So did the Kansas State University Geography Department. So they mapped it out. They looked at each of the “seven deadly sins” and plotted the highest and lowest concentrations of each.  The breakdown of their methodologies of calculations:

Why is BYU successfull right now?

It’s all summed up in a single quote from BYU’s head coach, Bronco Mendenhall: “What’s happening here isn’t about me,” he says. “My ultimate goal is for my job to be expendable, where I could walk away from this program and have it continue on without missing a beat. We’re a lot closer to that…
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New Mapping

Have you ever been on vacation and wanted to know where the closest LDS Church is?  How about moving to a new area and wondering to which ward you belong, to which building you should go and what time are services? The IT team for the church has just released a beta version of their…
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The Refiner’s Fire

There are tragedies in this world that nobody ever expects will happen to them.  It’s always someone else that experiences tragedy.  Yesterday, tragedy hit far too close to home.  My sister-in-law, Liz, and her husband, Zac, just experienced one of the most difficult tragedies.  They lost their little baby before they even got to experience…
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iPhone scriptures (and more)

I’ve reviewed the iPhone in the past and although I love the device, it has it’s problems and I have my pet peeves.  One of the cons I mentioned in my review was a lack of third-party applictions.  And although I am waiting with baited breath for the iPhone SDK (promised by end of February),…
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Scientists “prove” Adam and Eve — kinda

Scientist recently studied mitochondrial DNA to determine ancestry at a large scale level.  Their objective was to  determine lineage across today’s major racial groups.  They took 147 individuals from these groups and analyzed the DNA to determine their parentage.  The results are quite astounding. … the geneticists concluded that every person on Earth right now…
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Card pleads with Romney over illegal immigration

Orson Scott Card has once again posted an opinion on the 2008 presidential race.  Although Card indicates that the war is still one of the major priorities of this election, he speaks mostly concerning “illegal” immigration.  The portion that really jumped out at me was the following (penned before the New Hampshire primaries).

Book Review: Folk of the Fringe

When I see a new Orson Scott Card book pop-up on, I snatch it up and give it a listen. So when Folk of the Fringe came up, I recognized it as a suggestion from my brother and was rather excited about it. Folk of the Fringe is actually a collection of themed short…
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Only in Utah

So in Utah, we deal with some interesting quirks in the culture. Here’s something you would never hear on the radio anywhere but Utah. [audio:ksfioops.mp3] Apparently, she was hopped up on Nyquil or something similar. Note: If you can’t see a flash applet to play some audio, visit the original post to listen.

The link between linguistics and dementia

According to this article, those who are bilingual (and use both languages on a daily basis) have a better chance of avoiding (or at least delaying onset of) dementia.  I knew I was supposed to go on a foreign speaking mission!  Ok, so I kind of did.  I served in the California Oakland Mission and…
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