Month: December 2007

Democracy, the best revenge

The recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto proved the volatility of young democracies. Two things have shown bright through this tragedy: 1) Americans should have a greater appreciation for the civility with which our political process is conducted. We often complain (me being the first) about the lack of true communication, abundance of hypocritical rhetoric and…
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Where is the world is Santa?

Ever wanted to know exactly where Santa is on Christmas Eve? Well, usually you would have to wait for the news or something similar. But this year, the traditional Santa trackers (NORAD) and Google have teamed up to give you the best way to track Santa. Santa can now be tracked through Google Earth. If…
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More Pix of Jaxon

As promised, I’ve uploaded more pictures of Jaxon. You can find them here or by clicking the image below.

Personal communication with today’s technology

A while back, I read an article about how todays technology, meant to bring people together across great distances, is actually destroying personal communication. It gave 7 reasons “the 21st Century is Making You Miserable.” I’ll link to the original article at the bottom, but be warned, it has some inappropriate language and content. But…
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Jaxon is home!!!!

Oh yeah! The boy is home and we are excited. Emily is a little concerned about dealing with a “preemie,” but the doctors and nurses assured us to treat him just like any other newborn. We’ll be posting more pictures soon and we might even get some small video clips up as well.

Jaxon coming home

We got word yesterday that Jaxon will be home on Friday. He’s doing really well and as long as he doesn’t have any problems between now and then, he will be ready to come home. We are excited to have our little one home! It’s as if having a new baby hasn’t been real. I’m…
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Google Street View has embeddable panoramas

Google just released a new feature for Google Maps. It’s an enhancement to Street View, the feature that allows you to see a 360 degree view of the streets in select cities. Now, you can embed the street view panoramas within your own web site. So I figured, I would try it out. Here’s one…
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The story of the perfect couple

If you can’t see the video below, view the full posting. Don’t forget to click the “Continue ->” in the bottom right.

Jaxon is out of the NICU

More good news on Jaxon! They just moved him from the NICU to the “Special Care Nursery.” They haven’t given us any timeline still, but I’m assuming that means he will be home within a few days (if not tomorrow). Yesterday, they removed the PICC line which was an IV that went down into an…
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Pictures of Jaxon

As promised, I uploaded pictures of Jaxon to the family gallery site. Click the picture to visit the gallery!