Month: March 2006

The truth about the Buffalo LinkStation

In trying to recover the data I killed when doing my brilliant work detailed in my last post, I remembered by LinkStation. So about 1.5 – 2 years ago, I purchased a Buffalo LinkStation Within a few months, the thing stopped working. It just wouldn’t respond when I booted it up. Lights would flash and…
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Tips when reinstalling Windows

1. DON’T LEAVE YOUR USB DRIVE PLUGGED IN WHEN REINSTALLING A SYSTEM WITH WHICH YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR Yeah… that was yelling. Really at myself, not at you. So my brother-in-law brings his laptop to my house to wipe it out, reformat and reinstall Windows XP. No biggy, right. So we plug in my USB Hard…
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Lost Boys

A follow up to my last post… I just finished Lost Boys and dang. What a cool ending. I was plesently surprised by the ending. I love plot twists and shocking revelations and this one was amazing. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it, but let me just say that…
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Orson Scott Card Books revisited

So I finished the second series on the Ender’s Game books. Ender’s Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets and Shadow of the Giant were all pretty amazing. It’s interesting to think of the difference between the first series of books vs the last four. The first series was very sci-fi. From Ender’s Game to…
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Iraq — should we stay or should we go

So I recently read an article from Orson Scott Card that I completely agree with.  Others might find it enlightening or perhaps maddening:

Blogs galore

So I made my server available to my family members that want to blog. My Dad and two brothers have taken me up on it. Check ’em out… maybe leave a comment just to make them feel like someone is listening.

AJAX, Web 2.0, The Writable Web and other buzz words

So the above title is designed to drive Google traffic to my site… ok not really, but I don’t mind if it does. I’m getting tired of all the buzz words associated with the new web design and application development philosophies on the Net these days. Admittely, I like to through around AJAX, although I…
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Joys of Employment

I know, I know… a blog entry! Shocking, eh? So the other day, I get to work and immediately get called into the office of the VP of Development. I freak out, wondering what he wants, and what I did to be called into his office. He notifies me that my team lead and my…
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