Category: Ethics

The Refiner’s Fire

There are tragedies in this world that nobody ever expects will happen to them.  It’s always someone else that experiences tragedy.  Yesterday, tragedy hit far too close to home.  My sister-in-law, Liz, and her husband, Zac, just experienced one of the most difficult tragedies.  They lost their little baby before they even got to experience…
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Utah Legislature Bigotry

A new law is currently being pushed through the Utah Legislature that will seriously hurt the people of the State of Utah. Among other things, SB81 would make it illegal for an employer to fire a citizen if an undocumented worker is performing the same responsibilities.  WOW!  Let’s all say it together — discrimination! I’m…
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Scientists “prove” Adam and Eve — kinda

Scientist recently studied mitochondrial DNA to determine ancestry at a large scale level.  Their objective was to  determine lineage across today’s major racial groups.  They took 147 individuals from these groups and analyzed the DNA to determine their parentage.  The results are quite astounding. … the geneticists concluded that every person on Earth right now…
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War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card

War of Gifts is a step back into the “Enderverse” and takes place as Ender Wiggin is relatively new in Battle School.  Card returns to this powerful world with his understanding of humanity and Ender’s uncanny ability to know people and what they truly need. The story follows an extremely intelligent young boy (Zeck) who…
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When lying is good

As a youth, I was taught to never lie and at some point in my life (probably on my mission), I read an account of an individual who’s sole goal in life was to be known as an honest and trustworthy man. He wanted it on his tombstone. And of course he wanted to live…
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The Ornery American (OSC) thrashes the Republican Right on Immigration

Wow… Orson Scott Card thrashes on the Republican Right in his latest article on immigration. Check it out and see for yourself. I think he’s tired of trying to be logical because they aren’t listening. He’s just tossing dirt-clods now. Although he makes good points throughout.

Eight-million-year-old bug — thawed and alive

Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable about unleashing eight-million-year-old bugs into our current ecosystem? This is nothing to worry about, say experts, because the process has been going on for billions of years and the bugs are unlikely to cause human disease. Still seems a little risky to be doing something like that on…
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Murphy vs Bonds — Dale takes the gloves off

Dale Murphy recently fired out at Barry Bonds for his “unknowingly” taking performance enhancing drugs.  I was shocked at the public display of, well, hatred he has toward Bonds. “…  I’ve heard the last few weeks, that that he’s being treated unfairly. You know, life just usually isn’t like that. You don’t usually get treated…
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