Month: May 2007

Only in Utah

So in Utah, we deal with some interesting quirks in the culture. Here’s something you would never hear on the radio anywhere but Utah. [audio:ksfioops.mp3] Apparently, she was hopped up on Nyquil or something similar. Note: If you can’t see a flash applet to play some audio, visit the original post to listen.

US Military so hard-nosed

For those of you who think the US military is so hard-nosed and withdrawn and that they don’t care about the soldiers who are dying in Iraq should read this article in full. It’s about a commander in Iraq who keeps laminated “cards” of each of the men/boys who have died under his command. While…
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Black boxes for cars

Most of us are aware of the black boxes in airplanes. They read the plane’s computers and records all kinds of information in case of a crash. These devices also record sound from the cock-pit to assist investigators after a plane crash.