Month: December 2006

95 percent of Americans had premarital sex??

Now this is both scary and sad! The study indicates that 95 percent of American’s have had premarital sex. Now if this is actually true (I’ll explain my skepticism later), it should be a huge wake-up call to the nation. No wonder there is such a high rate of children born outside of marriage. If…
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The internatianal value of the US military

In a recent article by Orson Scott Card (I know… I’m obsessed), he talks about how our civilization can fall. Not just the United States, but the international economy and in turn, society as we know it. He makes some interesting points concerning the value of the US military.

Honoring Those Who Died – Orson Scott Card

Brother Orson continues to pump out some good article. In this one, he proposes something I could really get behind: Here is what I propose. Forget the constitutional amendment about flags. Let’s demand that Congress pass a law banning any kind of political demonstration within the sight or hearing of people in attendance at the…
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E-petitions warning (from

So today, I got the following email from a relative: Pass this one on to all your e-mail buddies and take the time to read the article listed at the bottom of the message. It is full of good advice especially about the “cookies.”To whom it may concern:Just a word to the wise. E-mail…
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Obesity warnings on clothes

Come on! This has got to be a joke! In this article, some British scientists are trying to get obesity warning labels on clothing designed for overweight people. Now, I can’t make excuses for those who are overweight (which would include me if you go by the Body Mass Index — I’m supposedly obese). I…
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The ultimate hybrid gadget

Samsung recently announced the future launch of a pretty amazing product, the Samsung SPH-P9000.  Sporting itself as a PDA, laptop, cell phone and media center all in one gadget, it looks like it’s getting pretty close to the ultimate hybrid. This thing is about the size of a large PDA (think Apple Newton size —…
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From SuSE Linux to Ubuntu

One of my coworkers is a huge Ubuntu fan. He tried SuSE for a while, but eventually went back to Ubuntu. He had a lot of success with some of the problems I was having with SuSE. Specifically, it was Evolution connecting to Exchange (as I have previously discussed). So I decided to try it…
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Greylisting — one more tool in the arsenal against SPAM

I ran across the following link the other day and was very interested. Postfix and Postgrey: A proactive approach to spam filtering For those not familiar with Postfix, it’s an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). Basically, a mail server. It’s the server application that stores, accepts and sends emails to different mail servers. So Postfix is…
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I’m coming out of the closet… I’m slightly left

Following the example of my buddy Ryan Byrd, I took the Political Compass Questionnaire and lo and behold, I’m slightly left: Economic Left/Right: -1.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.87 So I’m in the Authoritarian Left quadrant. But really very slightly. Although I always knew I was pretty central, I always thought I was slightly right. I’ve almost…
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How true it is

I ran into this quote today, by H.L. Mencken: “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right.” I’m sure this was originally spoken/written in jest, but it is completely true. Where’s the centrist party…
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