Month: September 2008

Fun in San Francisco

Last night 3 co-workers and I left the Salt Lake City airport and landed in San Jose to attend a technology conference. Soon after checking into our hotel, we sat down to figure out the sessions we would attend the next day. We quickly realized that we had come a day early. The first day…
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A doorbell for the geek in me

I’m not sure how my wife would feel about this doorbell, but I think it’s rather elegant.  A must have for any true geek.  The problem… it’s not even close to available.  It’s just a design concept from renown designer, Li Jianye. Come on ThinkGeek, hope on the stick with this product. It’s so cool,…
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For the last time – it was blocked!

So what’s all the controversy?  I’m so tired of hearing the reports of the BYU vs Washington game on Saturday.  All the ESPN analysts kept talking about the “controversial” call by the refs.  In reality, the call made no difference in the outcome of the game. The call came after Jake Locker scored what seemed…
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