Month: April 2006

Global Warming — Fact or Fiction?

So I learned something the other day. For the last several decades (more so in the 1980’s than in the last 16 years), we have heard warnings and cautions from scientists and environmental groups about global warming and the affects humans have on the environment. The other day, however, I read several articles. The most…
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Forced Advertising — Copyright and Patent Laws

According to this CNET news article: An invention from Royal Philips Electronics prevents TV viewers from switching the channel during commercials or fast-forwarding past commercials when watching DVR content. Can you believe it? This would make it impossible to change the channel during a commercial. How crazy is that?

O, Canada… and the US Healthcare Crisis

Sometimes I wish I live in Canada. My employer is rolling out changes to our healthcare plan. “You now have more options,” they say. Which of course, we do. What they don’t tell you up front is that 2 of the 3 plans will cost you more than you are currently paying on a monthly…
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Immigration Debate

So my brother over at Political and Philosophic Ponderings poses an interesting question: Are Latin American Immigrants Liberal or Conservative? He points out that morally speaking, they align more with conservative thought. But the Republican Party doesn’t appear to realize this huge potential voting resource. Instead, they ostracize them because they can’t look past the…
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Data recovery

I just realized that I didn’t post a conclusion to my fun with my re-partitioned USB hard drive. So here it is… I ended up grabbing a software package to undelete after a reformat and other accidents. I tried a couple of them and went back to something I had used in the past, Active…
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It’s a girl!

Early this morning (2:30 AM), my wife wakes me up and says, “I’m contracting and I just threw up and I’m going in to the hospital to get checked out.” She’s done this before and so she said that she would go by herself and just come home in a few hours (after they told…
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