Bad Patriotism

Bad Patriotism

Just a few days after my recent post on True Patriotism, I found this article from The Philadelphia Inquirer. This guy is a prime example of “Bad Patriotism.”

He claims that because America has “sinned,” we shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day.

Put the fireworks in storage.

Cancel the parade.

Tuck the soaring speeches in a drawer for another time.

This year, America doesn’t deserve to celebrate its birthday. This Fourth of July should be a day of quiet and atonement.

For we have sinned.

Wow… talk about overreaction as well as bad patriotism.  This is the negativity that The Centrist mentioned in this article.

Balance is what this country needs.  Not polarization.


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  1. Liz says:

    I have sinned for we shall not celebrate my birthday on Aug 1st. What a goof!

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