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For the last time – it was blocked! 0

For the last time – it was blocked!

So what’s all the controversy?  I’m so tired of hearing the reports of the BYU vs Washington game on Saturday.  All the ESPN analysts kept talking about the “controversial” call by the refs.  In...

Olympic Tracking – Google Style 0

Olympic Tracking – Google Style

In celebration of the Olympic Games that start today in Bejing, China, Google has created a widget that contains a medal tracker as well as event and venue information. All built on their mapping...

Fantastic NASCAR Video 1

Fantastic NASCAR Video

I recently rediscovered the following clip. It’s one of the funniest clips I’ve seen (or heard) from The Onion. NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: ‘Drive Fast’

Boring BYU 3

Boring BYU

Is it just me, or are the BYU football games getting boring? The last 4 or so games, I have watched, but not really enjoyed. There are some good plays, but very little along...

Awww Yeah!  BYU 31, TCU 17 0

Awww Yeah! BYU 31, TCU 17

Wow! What an amazing game for Mendenhall and the BYU Football Team! Talk about a ground breaking and fantastic game. Of course, this being one of the most important games in recent BYU football...

BYU 38, USU 0 — Yawn 0

BYU 38, USU 0 — Yawn

This wasn’t the most exciting game and to be honest, I didn’t watch all of it. I missed several parts and didn’t really care much about the game. I knew (or at least expected)...

BYU vs Utah State Preview 0

BYU vs Utah State Preview

I failed to write a summary for BYU’s loss to Boston College.  My prediction was somewhat close although I was not expecting double overtime.  I was disappointed in the play of BYU.  They looked...