Month: September 2006

Celestia (for Linux/Win32/MacOSX)

To make sure you all don’t start thinking this is a BYU only blog, I figured I would post about something else. I ran across a very cool application the other day. It’s classified under “Edutainment.” That amazing class of applications that are both entertaining and educational.

Awww Yeah! BYU 31, TCU 17

Wow! What an amazing game for Mendenhall and the BYU Football Team! Talk about a ground breaking and fantastic game. Of course, this being one of the most important games in recent BYU football history, I didn’t get to watch it. I was still at work. We released a new version of our product this…
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BYU 38, USU 0 — Yawn

This wasn’t the most exciting game and to be honest, I didn’t watch all of it. I missed several parts and didn’t really care much about the game. I knew (or at least expected) it to be a blow out. Just a few surprises. The USU running back, Marcus Cross, had a very admirable game…
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BYU vs Utah State Preview

I failed to write a summary for BYU’s loss to Boston College.  My prediction was somewhat close although I was not expecting double overtime.  I was disappointed in the play of BYU.  They looked really pretty good the first half.  Everything seemed to be flowing as expected.  There was nothing spectacular, but definitely consistent. The…
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BYU 49, Tulsa 24 — Game recap

I figured I would have a throw back to the past and post something reminiscent to my “Den of Sports.” I was the Sports Editor my junior year of high school and had my own little “column” in which I waxed knowledgeable in sports.

BYU Football TV Coverage

So when the Mountain West Conference signed this deal with CSTV and this new MTN network, I was a little skeptical. Now, I’m just mad! They promised to have deals in place for the games to be broadcast on all the usual TV distribution outlets (Dish Network, DirecTV, and Comcast). Well, two of those deals…
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Substitute Canada fishing for Roosevelt Golf

So I think I will follow suite of ProjectMom and start to blog on a more regular basis even if I don’t have anything profound or exciting to say. Perhaps more of a journal. Hopefully for the reader there will be more content interesting than not. So last week I was supposed to be in…
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GroundFX Landscaping — crooks

Note: I found this article in my drafts, so I figured I would publish it, even though it was several months ago. One of the major headaches with purchasing a new home is landscaping. You fork out all kinds of money to get into a home (which most people are stretching to pay for anyway)…
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