Month: April 2007

Google Translate is user enabled

Sometimes a company does something very innovative and you think… well, duh, why didn’t anybody else do something like that before. Google translate does something that will have the same affect. There are many companies that do online, automatic translation of text. It’s been around for years. But since the good old days, when babelfish…
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Invisibility cloak a near reality?

Researchers at Purdue University have stepped into the world of Harry Potter, Star Trek and other sci-fi stories. Using mathematical theory developed in the United Kingdom in 2006, Purdue engineers have developed a way to cloak an object. Well, actually, they have developed a way to cloak an object that only contains a single color.…
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Google personalizes online maps

Google recently announced a new feature for Google Maps. It’s called “My Maps”, but the name doesn’t really do it justice. This new feature now brings Google Maps a little closer to the functionality available in Google Earth [download]. Don’t get me wrong, Google Earth has so many more amazing features that it blows Maps…
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The beginning to the end of DRM?

For the first time ever, a major recording label has signed a deal with Apple iTunes Store to sell DRM-free digital music, although at a higher price. EMI holds the rights to many top recording artists including The Beatles. This is the first time a major recording label has agreed to sell digital music without…
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Check the Wikipedia Easter article for some interesting information (with which I wasn’t all too familiar) on Easter. Sample interesting facts: The word “Easter” actually comes from the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre. There were excommunications in the very early catholic church (pre-Nicaean Council) over calculating the date of Easter. In…
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Computers could end the world

A Quote from Nathanial Borenstein made me laugh: The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That’s where we come in; we’re computer professionals. We cause accidents. So in other words, you need to be nice to us “computer professionals.”

OSC’s Afterword to Empire

The audio version of Orson Scott Card’s latest book, “Empire” (reviewed here) contained an afterward where a lot of what he said really hit me as just common sense. But how he phrased it needs to be heard by any and all involved in politics. From the top level “Right wing crazies” and the “Leftist…
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Design and build your own home — by yourself

Let’s play in the world of make believe for a while. Let’s pretend that you are in need of a new home. You want to build your own home. You’d like to design it by yourself without much in way of professional help. Now, here’s the kicker, you want to build the entire thing yourself…
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Free Internet Access from Google

Today Google announced an extremely innovative and revolutionary (and FREE) way to access the Internet. It’s called Google TiSP (Google Engineers call it Teaspoon). It leverages existing fiber-optic networks in your municipal sewage system. Google will even send you a free TiSP kit. Installation appears quite simple. If you run into problems or have additional…
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