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Fixing Subversion branch and trunk directories

The other day, at work, we came across a bad situation with Subversion (a version control system).  We had created a secondary repository for a common library (YUI) of code that we want to use in multiple other repositories.  YUI doesn’t provide a subversion repository, so we had to create one “in-house.” I’m sure nobody…
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LinuxMCE — the new Media Center PC

I stumbled across LinuxMCE, a free competitor to Windows Media Center Edition. LinuxMCE does what WinMCE does except it does much, much more. The features included in LinuxMCE go well beyond the simple Media Center PC. Media Hub WinMCE has the ability to catalog and organize your media, which means music, photos and videos/DVDs on…
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A new desktop environment… Mozilla

Almost everyone has heard of Mozilla. The Mozilla organization is the descendant of Netscape and is the producer of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. One of the little known technologies behind the Mozilla products is called XUL (pronounced zool). XUL is a scripting language (and interpreter) that provides all the user interface for Firefox and…
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Novell parody commercials

So almost everyone has seen the set of Apple commercials portraying a hip and friendly guy named Mac and a stuffy, geeky and very business oriented guy named Windows. Novell recently produced a few commercials adding a third individual. She is called Linux!

From SuSE Linux to Ubuntu

One of my coworkers is a huge Ubuntu fan. He tried SuSE for a while, but eventually went back to Ubuntu. He had a lot of success with some of the problems I was having with SuSE. Specifically, it was Evolution connecting to Exchange (as I have previously discussed). So I decided to try it…
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Greylisting — one more tool in the arsenal against SPAM

I ran across the following link the other day and was very interested. Postfix and Postgrey: A proactive approach to spam filtering For those not familiar with Postfix, it’s an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). Basically, a mail server. It’s the server application that stores, accepts and sends emails to different mail servers. So Postfix is…
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Celestia (for Linux/Win32/MacOSX)

To make sure you all don’t start thinking this is a BYU only blog, I figured I would post about something else. I ran across a very cool application the other day. It’s classified under “Edutainment.” That amazing class of applications that are both entertaining and educational.

Gnome 2.12 and Evolution 1.6.0… sucks!

So I’ve run into my first pet peeve with SUSE Linux 10.1 (now renamed to openSUSE). My company is very Microsoft-centric company (except on our servers). Ok… I take that back… the IT department is very Microsoft-centric. We use Microsoft Exchange for our email, calendaring, etc… the buzz word is collaboration application. Evolution is the…
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SUSE 10.1 with XGL

Last week I installed the new SUSE Linux 10.1. In just a few words, brilliant synergy. This is by far one of the best releases of Linux in recent history and the best I’ve seen. I’ve been using Linux now since 1997 (RedHat 6.x), I think. But I haven’t used it consistently on the desktop…
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Microsoft : The open killer

iTWire – Microsoft strengthens Windows lock-in with JPEG rival When I saw the above article, I became a little frustrated. As I continued to read, I became just plain ole’ furious. Why do they continue to do this? Don’t they realize that platform lock-in is a bad thing? They started their business off the opposite…
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