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Book Review: Pastwatch by OSC

Some books are great because of the characters. Others are great because of the cool adventure or through fun mystery. And still others which amaze the mind through great concepts. There are few authors who successfully combine all these elements into a single novel as well as Orson Scott Card. He pulls it off again…
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Ode on Hillary in Bosnia

A humorous poem by Orson Scott Card (I got a kick out of it): Ode on Hillary in Bosnia by Orson Scott Card “We landed under sniper fire! We ran for cover, terrified! The bullets flew around my head! I thought for sure that I was dead!”

Card supports….

Orson Scott Card (who, if you count the number of blog postings I have on an individual, one might assume is my hero) has published an article indicating his support for Barack Obama… in the Democratic nomination. Ok, so he doesn’t really say that he supports Obama.  However, he very much defends Obama’s handling of…
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War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card

War of Gifts is a step back into the “Enderverse” and takes place as Ender Wiggin is relatively new in Battle School.  Card returns to this powerful world with his understanding of humanity and Ender’s uncanny ability to know people and what they truly need. The story follows an extremely intelligent young boy (Zeck) who…
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Book Review: Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune is one of those books that everyone, even non-sci-fi fans, are somewhat familiar with. If you haven’t read the book, then you have seen the movie. I vaguely remember seeing the 1984 movie, but never read the book, so I figured I would take the opportunity when I saw it come through‘s new…
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The Ornery American (OSC) thrashes the Republican Right on Immigration

Wow… Orson Scott Card thrashes on the Republican Right in his latest article on immigration. Check it out and see for yourself. I think he’s tired of trying to be logical because they aren’t listening. He’s just tossing dirt-clods now. Although he makes good points throughout.

Book Review: Folk of the Fringe

When I see a new Orson Scott Card book pop-up on, I snatch it up and give it a listen. So when Folk of the Fringe came up, I recognized it as a suggestion from my brother and was rather excited about it. Folk of the Fringe is actually a collection of themed short…
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Book Review: Team of Rivals

Taking the advise advice of my brother (which I usually ignore), I pulled “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” from and started listening. Doris Kearns Goodwin does a masterful job of portraying Lincoln with all his goodness and still showing some of his weaknesses. Her inclusion of records and quotes from…
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The beginning to the end of DRM?

For the first time ever, a major recording label has signed a deal with Apple iTunes Store to sell DRM-free digital music, although at a higher price. EMI holds the rights to many top recording artists including The Beatles. This is the first time a major recording label has agreed to sell digital music without…
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OSC’s Afterword to Empire

The audio version of Orson Scott Card’s latest book, “Empire” (reviewed here) contained an afterward where a lot of what he said really hit me as just common sense. But how he phrased it needs to be heard by any and all involved in politics. From the top level “Right wing crazies” and the “Leftist…
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