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Happy 25th B-day Mac!

Many of you may remember that I recently converted from using a Linux computer to an Apple MacBook Pro. However, that wasn’t my first experience with Apple hardware. My first programming was actually done on an Apple IIe (in 8th grade – it was the coolest computer drawing of a B52 bomber). And I spent…
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Fun in San Francisco

Last night 3 co-workers and I left the Salt Lake City airport and landed in San Jose to attend a technology conference. Soon after checking into our hotel, we sat down to figure out the sessions we would attend the next day. We quickly realized that we had come a day early. The first day…
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A doorbell for the geek in me

I’m not sure how my wife would feel about this doorbell, but I think it’s rather elegant.  A must have for any true geek.  The problem… it’s not even close to available.  It’s just a design concept from renown designer, Li Jianye. Come on ThinkGeek, hope on the stick with this product. It’s so cool,…
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I’ll admit it — I want a parrot

It’s just the cool stuff they do that makes them so awesome.  We visited the pet store the other day and the parrot there was so friendly and fun.  They kids and I sat and watched him for a good 30 minutes (waiting for mommy).  He danced, sang and talked for us. A lost parrot…
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Two-faced baby

This gives being two-faced a new meaning.  All joking aside, the baby is healthy and doing well.  She is being worshiped as a reincarnated Hindu goddess, Durga.  Read the full story from CNN to find out more. “She drinks milk from her two mouths and opens and shuts all the four eyes at one time,”…
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Ode on Hillary in Bosnia

A humorous poem by Orson Scott Card (I got a kick out of it): Ode on Hillary in Bosnia by Orson Scott Card “We landed under sniper fire! We ran for cover, terrified! The bullets flew around my head! I thought for sure that I was dead!”

Proud moment

Except from today’s chat with my wife: 11:07:13 AM Emily: lol…Halie was just watching Modern Marvels and she wouldn’t let me change the channel 11:07:29 AM Emily: they were showing how corn is made I almost shed a tear of joy… sniff, sniff. That’s my girl!

Conversing with me

A friend of mine recently posted a blog entry entitled “Conversating” that listed several questions/topics one could discuss with someone else in order to get to know them better.  Seeing as I like to make your life miserable in the 21st century, I decided that I would answer those questions so you could all get…
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iPhone scriptures (and more)

I’ve reviewed the iPhone in the past and although I love the device, it has it’s problems and I have my pet peeves.  One of the cons I mentioned in my review was a lack of third-party applictions.  And although I am waiting with baited breath for the iPhone SDK (promised by end of February),…
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Interesting Factoid: Humber Bridge

Just and interesting fact about the Humber Bridge in England — The perfectly vertical towers are actually 36mm further apart at the top than they are at the bottom, due to the curvature of the earth!  You gotta admit.  That is cool! Thanks