Month: November 2006

DARPA is Big Brother — Ultimate Language Translation

Apparently DARPA is working on a pretty amazing project. If something like this gets to be fairly accurate, then what will our world become. I read (and reviewed) the book, “1984” by George Orwell. This technology could easily make a reality of what Orwell portrayed. The ability to translate on the fly is amazing technology…
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The power of suggestion

Recently, I’ve been frequenting for all my electronics/gadget needs. I used to be a huge fan of, but TigerDirect seems to usually beat’s price. There is occasion when I still purchase from if the free shipping will compensate for the higher price. One of the features that I really missed from…
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Boring BYU

Is it just me, or are the BYU football games getting boring? The last 4 or so games, I have watched, but not really enjoyed. There are some good plays, but very little along the lines of great or amazing plays. There is no drama because they are blowing out their opponents. This last game…
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