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I vote for Google

Unlike Pedro, Google has made “all [my] dreams come true”. Just recently, Google announced a public beta of a new sync product for mobile devices. Not only do they have cool online services, but now my iPhone can easily take advantage of those services. Some of you may wonder why this makes me so happy. …
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Build your site with Concrete

For those of you that have always wanted a web site, but don’t want to deal with all the cost of updating it when your content changes, there’s a solution for you. Concrete5 is a new Content Management System (CMS) that blows everything else I’ve used out of the water.  Everything else I’ve used (and…
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Update on iPhone voice-dialing

I recently posted about an iPhone App from Fonix for handling voice-dialing with the iPhone.  The app still isn’t out, but Fonix recently released a demo video of the application. Check it out: [youtube 4oFRYQjyIWg] It looks great.  My only remaining issue is initiating a voice command.  It appears I will still need to be…
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Bionic Eye Anyone?

You know you’ve dreamed about it.  You want a bionic eye.  Everyone does.  Since you were a kid watching The Six Mission Dollar Man, you’ve dreamed of the day when bionics could become a reality.  Most of the bionic parts of Steve Austin already exist in some form (although not usually exceptionally powerful).  But the…
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A 3D/virtual world for the masses

Second Life (an online virtual 3D world) has been around a while now.  It’s incredibly popular and even has its own economy.  You can enter Second Life and “live” a life completely different from who you really are.  It’s somewhat of a game, but it mimics real life as much as possible. Companies (mainly IBM)…
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Invisibility cloak is real

Another one of those, “Wow! Science is cool,” moments just happened in California.  In Berkley to be more precise. Researchers as the University of California, Berkeley have for the first time demonstrated the ability to cloak three dimensional objects!  Cool! I mentioned this before, but didn’t think it would become a reality so soon. The…
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iPhone with voice dialing

When the original iPhone first came out, I posted a review after just a week or so of use.  One of my major complaints was the lack of voice dialing.  When Apple announced their SDK, I had hoped that someone would build a third party application to do just that. My hope was answered by…
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Google adds Greater Salt Lake Area to Street View

Ratchet up the stocker fears.  Google has just released Street View for Salt Lake (including Utah and Davis Counties). Some of you may recognize the following locations.  I’ll post about the fears and privacy concerns later.

First few days on a MacBook Pro

Some people say that Apple Macintosh users are elitists. If that’s the case, I just became rather elite.  I’m now typing this on my shiny new MacBook Pro. On Wednesday, I started a new job at the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service (WFR).  When I started, they gave me the choice of what kind…
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Next generation laptop batteries

You know the feeling.  You’re right in the middle of something important on your laptop.  You’re in deep concentration and nothing should interrupt you. Then all the sudden… [BEEP].  That dang battery warning. It seems like you just barely charged the thing. Laptop batteries are what make laptops so amazing.  But at the same time,…
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