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Happy Halloween!

A little political humor to scare you (not literally of course).

iPhone scriptures (and more)

I’ve reviewed the iPhone in the past and although I love the device, it has it’s problems and I have my pet peeves.  One of the cons I mentioned in my review was a lack of third-party applictions.  And although I am waiting with baited breath for the iPhone SDK (promised by end of February),…
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Joe’s Goals — Keep your resolutions

So in the spirit of the New Year and setting New Year Resolutions, I figured I needed something to help me track and keep my resolutions. I first had the idea to build something simply myself. An online application I could use personally and perhaps expand in the future for other’s use. Of course, when…
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Check the Wikipedia Easter article for some interesting information (with which I wasn’t all too familiar) on Easter. Sample interesting facts: The word “Easter” actually comes from the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre. There were excommunications in the very early catholic church (pre-Nicaean Council) over calculating the date of Easter. In…
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