BYU 49, Tulsa 24 — Game recap

BYU 49, Tulsa 24 — Game recap

I figured I would have a throw back to the past and post something reminiscent to my “Den of Sports.” I was the Sports Editor my junior year of high school and had my own little “column” in which I waxed knowledgeable in sports.

So here’s my thoughts on todays BYU game. I saw a majority of the game and was rather impressed with the way BYU played. The key to the game was balance. Fui Vakapuna and Curtis Brown each had solid performances with each delivering nicely on key plays. They combined for 221 rushing yards. Since when has BYU only passed the ball 21 times?

Although the rushing was the key for this game, the passing corp was nearly flawless as well. John Beck tossed the ball 21 times for 240 yards. That yardage of course seem low for a BYU quarterback, but accounting for the great running game, is completely appropriate. The real shocking thing is the low attempts.

So the real question is whether BYU made adjustments or did they play a lesser team than Arizona? I’m sure they made adjustments, but I’d like to see Arizona play Tulsa and see who comes out on top.

Next Week:

Looking forward to Boston College (2-0), this is going to be tough for BYU. BC beat Clemson (ranked #18) today. Their overtime win really came from their special teams with a kickoff returned for a touchdown and three other long kick returns that gave excellent field position for scoring drives.

This week I picked Tulsa to win and of course was totally off. This week, both teams are coming off substantial wins. BYU’s win was dominating while BC’s win was against a ranked team. Although I always want BYU to win, I can’t pick them over Boston College.

BC 34, BYU 31

2 Responses

  1. The Factor says:

    Right on!, except for the prediction, and it involves big “ifs” as always. If BYU plays offense the way they did against Tulsa, and If BYU’s defense plays the way they did the first two weeks, and If BYU controls the time of possession the Cougars will win, without a problem. BC is good and physical, but they play a very basic offense and a very basic defense. Not to mention, they’ve seriously struggled their first two games, one of which was against mighty Central Michigan. I think it will be close, but after seeing BYU’s defense in game action these last two weeks, I’m changing my prediction!

  2. Reluctant says:

    I agree that IF BYU plays as well as they did this past week, they may be able to pull this off, but those are some big IFs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love for BYU to beat BC, but I have a hard time really betting on it. BYU has been the kings of choke in the recent past. They can do really well in a game, and then choke themselves to loose it at the end.

    I just feel there are too many IFs for them to overcome. But I think it will have a great showing.

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