Celestia (for Linux/Win32/MacOSX)

Celestia (for Linux/Win32/MacOSX)

To make sure you all don’t start thinking this is a BYU only blog, I figured I would post about something else.
I ran across a very cool application the other day. It’s classified under “Edutainment.” That amazing class of applications that are both entertaining and educational.

Celestia provides a 3D interface to not only the Earth (like Google Earth), but more importantly the Solar System and beyond. Stars that are many light years away are visible and you can select and “visit” them. There are quality images of the moons of Jupiter, including the lesser know “moons” which just look like asteroids.

Check out the ScreenShot Gallery and see what this application can do. Great for kids and adults alike. If there is anyone you know who has an affinity for space or a desire to learn about it, then Celestia is a fantastic application to spark more interest or glean plenty of data about the myriad of space objects.

I’m going to start playing with the Add-Ons right now.

Update:  I forgot to add a few screenshots —




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