BYU Football TV Coverage

BYU Football TV Coverage

So when the Mountain West Conference signed this deal with CSTV and this new MTN network, I was a little skeptical. Now, I’m just mad! They promised to have deals in place for the games to be broadcast on all the usual TV distribution outlets (Dish Network, DirecTV, and Comcast). Well, two of those deals are not in place, including the one that would benefit me, Dish Network.
So now for me to watch the games, I have to trudge up to my in-laws who have Comcast. I can’t get it in my area, even if I wanted Comcast. They’re just not in my area yet.

I need to find out to whom to send complaints. If they have an email address, they will be getting overloaded. I promise!

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  1. The Factor says:

    Danny boy-

    Because of my position at the Desk I have an inside track to this info. Unfortunately for those not with Comcast, there isn’t anything you (as a consumer) can do, honestly. Here is the reason: Comcast owns 50% of CSTV and therefore simply will not allow satellite companies to broadcast the mtn. This seems stupid to me however because allowing more people to see the games on satellite would seem to mean more money in Comcast’s giant pocket. As far as contacting the company, I’ve been sent thousands of emails and each one states a response from satellite companies: “We know of the ongoing situation to add CSTV and the mtn., but at this time we have no plans of adding it.” They simply are not convinced there is demand enough outside the two counties to add the channels. It will not do any good to contact anyone associated with satellite or the universiities. The MWC made a HUGE mistake in finalizing the agreement without finalizing the details, and now they, the fans and the schools are hurting because of it. Feel free to watch it at my place if you’d like.

  2. Reluctant says:

    That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the update.

    The most frustrating thing is Comcast isn’t in my area at all. There is absolutely no way for me to get these games. If it were in my area, I would get it (and their high-speed internet) in an instant.

    Current Mood: >:(

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