Substitute Canada fishing for Roosevelt Golf

Substitute Canada fishing for Roosevelt Golf

So I think I will follow suite of ProjectMom and start to blog on a more regular basis even if I don’t have anything profound or exciting to say. Perhaps more of a journal. Hopefully for the reader there will be more content interesting than not.

So last week I was supposed to be in Canada… fishing and relaxing in Beautiful British Columbia. The trip is an annual thing that a buddy of mine and a few other friends do. I’ve been the only one that has done it each year for the past four years.

We usually end up catching a few salmon on the Adam’s River and have a blast on Adam’s Lake, on which his cabin sits. It’s something I look forward to each year and was really excited for it this year as it is the big Sockeye Salmon run (it goes in a four year cycle — peaks every four years).

But two days before the trip, my buddy instant messages me and tells me that he can’t do it this year. He’s too busy. Yeah, I was a little frustrated at the late notice, but mostly just really disappointed.

So instead I shot a 109 at the Roosevelt Golf Course on Labor Day. What a joke of a golfer I was… pretty pathetic. Everything except my crappy golfing was enjoyable though.

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