BYU 38, USU 0 — Yawn

BYU 38, USU 0 — Yawn

This wasn’t the most exciting game and to be honest, I didn’t watch all of it. I missed several parts and didn’t really care much about the game. I knew (or at least expected) it to be a blow out. Just a few surprises.

The USU running back, Marcus Cross, had a very admirable game with 127 yards, accounting for more than half of USU’s total 242 yards. Not a bad performance when your team got completely shut out.

And what about Jason Beck! What a solid performance. He was 20 of 28 for 305 yards. From what I saw, he was calm and composed most of the game. I’m sure if he were playing on another team he would be a starting quarterback.

So enough about the boring USU game, let’s talk about next week. TCU will probably be one of the more difficult games BYU will play this year. At the beginning of the year, I picked BYU to loose to BC and TCU. That being said, I was questionable about TCU. Looking back on last year, BYU was simply a point away from winning the game. And TCU won three games by a one-point margin last year. Their national ranking from last year and in turn their current ranking could easily be different based on a few points.

That being said, TCU has played well this year. Even though BYU has every opportunity to beat TCU next week, I am very reluctant to say that they will. But I’m going to anyway…. my pick for next week:

BYU 45, TCU 38.

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