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Monster at the door

Every once in a while, you get the opportunity in life to see something that others will never see.  Tonight my wife calls on my way home from work. “There’s a huge spider on the porch!  It’s as big as a tarantula!” Of course she was exaggerating….  so I thought.  I told her to save…
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The Refiner’s Fire

There are tragedies in this world that nobody ever expects will happen to them.  It’s always someone else that experiences tragedy.  Yesterday, tragedy hit far too close to home.  My sister-in-law, Liz, and her husband, Zac, just experienced one of the most difficult tragedies.  They lost their little baby before they even got to experience…
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The Fear Epidemic

Fear is destroying our lives. There are some that say that money is the root of all evil.  If that is true, fear plays a close second fiddle. It’s crushing our society, our children and our families. It’s one of the most debilitating problems in the 21st century. There are many who would argue that…
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Conversing with me

A friend of mine recently posted a blog entry entitled “Conversating” that listed several questions/topics one could discuss with someone else in order to get to know them better.  Seeing as I like to make your life miserable in the 21st century, I decided that I would answer those questions so you could all get…
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Jaxon is home!!!!

Oh yeah! The boy is home and we are excited. Emily is a little concerned about dealing with a “preemie,” but the doctors and nurses assured us to treat him just like any other newborn. We’ll be posting more pictures soon and we might even get some small video clips up as well.

Jaxon coming home

We got word yesterday that Jaxon will be home on Friday. He’s doing really well and as long as he doesn’t have any problems between now and then, he will be ready to come home. We are excited to have our little one home! It’s as if having a new baby hasn’t been real. I’m…
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Jaxon is out of the NICU

More good news on Jaxon! They just moved him from the NICU to the “Special Care Nursery.” They haven’t given us any timeline still, but I’m assuming that means he will be home within a few days (if not tomorrow). Yesterday, they removed the PICC line which was an IV that went down into an…
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Pictures of Jaxon

As promised, I uploaded pictures of Jaxon to the family gallery site. Click the picture to visit the gallery!

Good news about Jaxon

We got a great call from the NICU today. They said that they had started feeding Jaxon and that he had already eaten all the milk Emily had pumped there at the hospital. So they wanted us to bring some more milk and we could be there for the feeding. So Emily and I went…
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More on Jaxon: staying a little longer

We got some not so good news today from the neonatologist. Jaxon is doing really well, but he sometimes forgets to breath (I know… sleep apnea already). Apparently that is quite common among “early arrivals.” Their policy is to not release the baby from the NICU until the child hasn’t done that for 7 days…
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