Good news about Jaxon

Good news about Jaxon

We got a great call from the NICU today. They said that they had started feeding Jaxon and that he had already eaten all the milk Emily had pumped there at the hospital. So they wanted us to bring some more milk and we could be there for the feeding.

So Emily and I went down to the hospital and had a very pleasant 45 minutes with Jaxon. He was awake most of the time and Emily was able to feed him (from a bottle of her own milk).

It was so nice to experience him awake and alert. I tried to get more pictures, but I had left the flash card for the camera in the computer. Ugh! But I do have some other pictures that I need to upload for all to see. I’ll post again when I have those uploaded.

Once again, thanks for your love and prayers.


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