Monster at the door

Monster at the door

Every once in a while, you get the opportunity in life to see something that others will never see.  Tonight my wife calls on my way home from work.

“There’s a huge spider on the porch!  It’s as big as a tarantula!”

Of course she was exaggerating….  so I thought.  I told her to save it in a bottle.  When I got home, I found a freaked out mother and kids that were a little anxious…. and a big old massive wolf spider (we think).

So after Emily left to go to a volleyball game, I broke out the spider to get some picture.  Check it out! Click the pix for the full size.  They are fun!


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  1. ryan says:

    that doesn’t look like a wolf spider to me

    (though i understand that utah has three or four types of wolf spiders)

    maybe it’s a funnelweb spider:

    you can check out a list of utah spiders with pics here:

    then again, it kind of does look like this wolf spider:

    what ever it is, it’s freaking huge. did I mention I hate spiders?

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