More on Jaxon: staying a little longer

More on Jaxon: staying a little longer

We got some not so good news today from the neonatologist. Jaxon is doing really well, but he sometimes forgets to breath (I know… sleep apnea already). Apparently that is quite common among “early arrivals.” Their policy is to not release the baby from the NICU until the child hasn’t done that for 7 days straight. He forgot to breath at some point today and so the soonest we will have him home is a week from today.

I was sad to hear that, but I’m glad they will be monitoring it properly. The neonatologist also indicated that it’s very typical for them to keep the baby in the NICU until the expected due date. For Jaxon, that’s January 2nd. Ugh!

I’m tired of getting misinformation. At first, we were told 7-10 days. Then we were told that he was doing so well that he might be out within a few days. Now we are looking at a month. 🙁 I’m hoping they are just playing the game of setting poor expectations so they can come back later and give good news. I guess it’s wait and see.

Emily can come home tomorrow though and so we will have a bit of a chance to get the house prepared. We were planning on doing all that this month and having Jaxon at the end of the month. That’s the only good side of him staying in the NICU longer.


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  1. Mike W. says:

    Sorry to hear the news. Hopefully he will settle in and do very well. An issue is that a “term pregnancy” is any that delivers anytime between 38-41 weeks. So 38 weeks is generally considered full term. I’m not arguing with the neonatologist, just giving different numbers. Hopefully Jaxon breathes great for the next 7 days and will be home with you guys asap. Our prayers are with him and you.

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