SUSE 10.1 with XGL

SUSE 10.1 with XGL

Last week I installed the new SUSE Linux 10.1. In just a few words, brilliant synergy. This is by far one of the best releases of Linux in recent history and the best I’ve seen. I’ve been using Linux now since 1997 (RedHat 6.x), I think. But I haven’t used it consistently on the desktop until just a few years ago (2002).

SUSE 10.1 has a few glitches (which are already being rectified), but for the most part, this is the slickest Linux Desktop I’ve ever used. The integration with NetworkManager is fabulous (wireless actually works — especially switching networks). Gnome is rock solid and all the additional utilities are amazing. Banshee is coming along nicely as well as F-Spot, and Beagle (a few of the cool new apps I enjoy).

But by far, the most talked about new feature is Xgl. It’s more or less, eye-candy, but it’s impressive and makes the desktop easier to work within. I’ll let screenshots speak for themselves.

DVD playing on cube corner

The Incredibles playing on the corner of the cube.

OS X style Expose for Linux

MacOSX type of Exposé.

Zoom on cube corner

Zooming on the cube corner

True Transparency

True transparency

Folding of application

Folding the edge of a maximized window

XGL water effects

Rain eye-candy

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