For the last time – it was blocked!

Does it matter that it was 15 yards further?

Does it matter that it was 15 yards further?

So what’s all the controversy?  I’m so tired of hearing the reports of the BYU vs Washington game on Saturday.  All the ESPN analysts kept talking about the “controversial” call by the refs.  In reality, the call made no difference in the outcome of the game.

The call came after Jake Locker scored what seemed to be the overtime-forcing touchdown with mere seconds left in the game.  As he stood up, he flipped the ball over his head, sending it a considerable distance into the air.  According to the rule (which is not a judgment call, but a hard and fast rule) that action is considered celebrating and is illegal.  The referees were forced to throw a flag and access a 15 yard penalty on the PAT.

On the PAT, BYU broke through the line and smothered the ball.  Take a peek at that image.  If Jorgensen hadn’t blocked it, it looks very likely someone else would have.  Does it really matter that it was 15 yards further than normal?  So it was more like a 35 yard field goal rather than a PAT kick.  That’s still a routine kick for a PAC-10 (or any NCAA) kicker.  If the kick had been missed, it would be a different story.  But it was blocked easily.  You can’t even claim that the kicker had to alter the tragectory. It really didn’t matter.

Not once did the national media mention anything about the amazing block by BYU?  The entire focus of the game was on that one call by the referees that really had no bearing on the game.

Congratulations BYU!  Well executed block.

PS.  Jorgensen was even being held on the block.  You can see it in the picture.

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