Update on iPhone voice-dialing

Update on iPhone voice-dialing

I recently posted about an iPhone App from Fonix for handling voice-dialing with the iPhone.  The app still isn’t out, but Fonix recently released a demo video of the application.

Check it out:

[youtube 4oFRYQjyIWg]

It looks great.  My only remaining issue is initiating a voice command.  It appears I will still need to be looking at my iPhone and tap the application in order to start the voice commands. I’d like to be able to tap the button on my bluetooth headset or a physical button on the iPhone.  Ideally, Apple would open up the iPhone home button to be assigned to third-party applications (currently it will only open your Contact Favorites or the iPod interface).

All in all, I’m excited for this app to finally hit the App Store.


2 Responses

  1. Mike W. says:

    Get a Blackberry. I can initiate a voice activated call with a physical button on the phone or a button on the bluetooth device. That said: I sooo wish that Verizon would contract with Apple…I just like the Apple apps.

  2. Reluctant says:

    My point is not that of wanting another phone. It’s that I think Apple could really round out the iPhone with just a few additional features. One of them being simple voice-dialing.

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