Tag: New Technology

The future is here: Wireless Kitchen Appliances

You read it right.  The kitchen (and office) of the future is available (although expensive as all early technology is).  Who wants all those cords hanging around when you can move your appliances where you want without having to worry whether the cord will still reach.  Check out the video below for some kitchen coolness:…
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Build your site with Concrete

For those of you that have always wanted a web site, but don’t want to deal with all the cost of updating it when your content changes, there’s a solution for you. Concrete5 is a new Content Management System (CMS) that blows everything else I’ve used out of the water.  Everything else I’ve used (and…
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Update on iPhone voice-dialing

I recently posted about an iPhone App from Fonix for handling voice-dialing with the iPhone.  The app still isn’t out, but Fonix recently released a demo video of the application. Check it out: [youtube 4oFRYQjyIWg] It looks great.  My only remaining issue is initiating a voice command.  It appears I will still need to be…
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