April Fool’s Day roundup

April Fool’s Day roundup

Google + Virgin = VirgleIt’s kind of become tradition in the technology industry to put out a fake announcement on April 1 of some cool experimental technology that will revolutionize the industry and is usually completely implausible.  Google always leads the way.  Today is no exception as they have already started pouring in.

And there are so many more that I am unaware of.  It seems everyone is doing some type of April Fool’s joke in the tech community.

Google has been the king of these pranks.  A few past Google announcements from April 1:

  • Google TISP: Google Wireless Broadband through the sewer system. TISP = Toilet Internet Service Provider. (my favorite)
  • Gmail Paper: Order your emails printed and shipped to you by Google
  • Gmail Custom Time: Customize the time you send an email

Checkout a list of all Goolge’s Hoaxes.


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