Card supports….

Card supports….

Orson Scott Card (who, if you count the number of blog postings I have on an individual, one might assume is my hero) has published an article indicating his support for Barack Obama… in the Democratic nomination.

Ok, so he doesn’t really say that he supports Obama.  However, he very much defends Obama’s handling of the recent “scandal” with Reverand Wright.  Card made a very poignant argument for how Obama separated himself from Wright’s comments, but not the person.

Do you want as President the kind of person who would deny and abandon his closest friends in order to win that political office?

Very well said, Mr. Card.

Further down the article, he analyzes the senior theses of both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.  A very interesting read with solid insight into who these two ladies are.  One a former First Lady.  The other hoping to be the next First Lady.

I highly recommend reading the article.


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  1. Mike W. says:

    Very interesting article. I really enjoyed his analytical take on the Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. Also, Card is great at allowing people to have their opinions, be they wrong, stupid, prejudicial, or whatever, but still allowing the freedom to express those opinions.

    BTW, I’ve really enjoyed his columns over at Mormontimes at the Deseret News website.

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