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Ode on Hillary in Bosnia

A humorous poem by Orson Scott Card (I got a kick out of it): Ode on Hillary in Bosnia by Orson Scott Card “We landed under sniper fire! We ran for cover, terrified! The bullets flew around my head! I thought for sure that I was dead!”

April Fool’s Day roundup

It’s kind of become tradition in the technology industry to put out a fake announcement on April 1 of some cool experimental technology that will revolutionize the industry and is usually completely implausible.  Google always leads the way.  Today is no exception as they have already started pouring in. Google announced a join venture with…
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The Cadaver Calculator – How Much is Your Body Worth?

My buddy over at RyanByrd.net posted an interesting test today. Have you ever wondered how much your family could get for your dead body? 🙂 Well, here’s your chance to know. Here’s my total (click to find out yours): $4625.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth.

The story of the perfect couple

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