95 percent of Americans had premarital sex??

95 percent of Americans had premarital sex??

Now this is both scary and sad! The study indicates that 95 percent of American’s have had premarital sex.

Now if this is actually true (I’ll explain my skepticism later), it should be a huge wake-up call to the nation. No wonder there is such a high rate of children born outside of marriage. If we correlate that with the studies that indicate all the problems dealing with children of unwed mothers, where the father is no longer in the home, we see what a huge negative affect this has on our culture.
If we look at our “heroes” and celebrities (TomKat, etc), we see not only premarital sex, but the extreme problem of children born out of wedlock. What great examples they are. This is one of the paramount evils destroying families and individuals (children), and in turn, our society.

One would think this study would be used to urge the government to provide more funding for sex education classes which would include the use of birth-control and safe sex practices. Even more so, it should illustrate the need for more abstinence.

But this study was funded by and published by the Guttmacher Institute, an organization which is very critical of government funding “abstinence-only-until-marriage” programs. Which of course calls into question the validity of the findings. When an organization which has already chosen sides funds a survey, they are digging for “facts” that will support the conclusion they have already made.

They talk about providing better education to teens concerning how to have safe sex. And the argument still holds true that the safest sex you can have is none at all. I don’t have any issues with teaching teens how to have safe sex, as long as the fact that abstinence is the only 100% is pounded into them. The main thrust of any sex education should be abstinence and other methods should be secondary.

There are those that say we need to see the reality of the situation. And I am! The reality is that if we don’t curtail the premarital sex epidemic, babies out of wedlock and divorce in this country, we will soon find ourselves in a country with absolutely no core. The foundation of our society is the family, and all these problems tear at the family and in turn at society.

Ten years ago, we could have easily looked at the dreadful numbers of teen smokers and said, “well, we need to open our eyes to the reality and realize that it’s never going to change.” But we didn’t. As a society and government we all agreed to the dangers of smoking and instantiated programs and legislation to fight the destructive affects of tobacco. Why can’t we do the same with premarital sex?

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  1. Mike W. says:


    You’re such an idealist ;-).

    I couldn’t agree more. The only way to strengthen the world and American and make them better places is to support the family. Anything else is just putting a finger in the dike while that flood waters just keep rising and the rain keeps falling.

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