The ultimate hybrid gadget

The ultimate hybrid gadget

Samsung recently announced the future launch of a pretty amazing product, the Samsung SPH-P9000.  Sporting itself as a PDA, laptop, cell phone and media center all in one gadget, it looks like it’s getting pretty close to the ultimate hybrid.

This thing is about the size of a large PDA (think Apple Newton size — 5.26 x 3.7 x 1.14 inches) when it’s all folded in, but it unfolds to reveal a 5″ screen and a full size QWERTY keyboard.  It runs Windows XP and so includes all it’s multimedia capabilities.  It also comes with WiMAX and EV-DO for wireless broadband connectivity and a myriad of other technologies.

We are starting to see the convergence of many different technologies into single gadgets.  Gadgets of the future will be built into skin or cloths and will have all the capabilities of our modern day (or future) laptops.  I recently read an article about a patent for head-phones which use the “users” skin to transfer the electronic pulses from the media device to the headphones.  It’s wireless technology that will never conflict with other wireless devices/frequencies.

What will they think of next?  What will you think of next?  Just one idea could change the world.

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