Obesity warnings on clothes

Obesity warnings on clothes

Come on! This has got to be a joke!

In this article, some British scientists are trying to get obesity warning labels on clothing designed for overweight people. Now, I can’t make excuses for those who are overweight (which would include me if you go by the Body Mass Index — I’m supposedly obese). I know there are plenty of people who should and could lose weight.  I’m not a believer in excuses.  If it needs to be done, then do it.  That’s easy for me to say.

But come on! They don’t need to hear how overweight they are when trying to buy new clothes (that probably don’t fit quite right anyway).

For overweight people, that is probably one of the most difficult things for them to do… shopping for clothes. The only thing more excruciating would be getting in a swimming suit. They already know they are overweight, don’t force an additional reminder on them. The fact they are buying (or putting on) plus size clothes is a reminder in itself. Let’s not demean them any more than they (most likely) already demean themselves.

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