Joys of Employment

Joys of Employment

I know, I know… a blog entry! Shocking, eh?

So the other day, I get to work and immediately get called into the office of the VP of Development. I freak out, wondering what he wants, and what I did to be called into his office. He notifies me that my team lead and my manager, a Development Director, had resigned. Wow!

First few thoughts are…. ok, what do they know that I don’t. Next thing I realize is that both weren’t all that happy with the job. The director had moved from NYC to Utah… talk about culture shock. The team lead had been at this company since it’s inception and it was time for him to move on. So they left us in a bit of a lerch.

So since that day, work has been quite the mess. I took over several of the responsibilites of the team lead, but not all (especially not all the meetings) and not in title (thank goodness). But life has been quite busy lately and so very little time for blogging. But I want to get into it again, so here’s my first step.

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