Orson Scott Card Books revisited

Orson Scott Card Books revisited

So I finished the second series on the Ender’s Game books. Ender’s Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets and Shadow of the Giant were all pretty amazing. It’s interesting to think of the difference between the first series of books vs the last four.

The first series was very sci-fi. From Ender’s Game to Children of the Mind, it was all very futuristic and packed with some very interesting and cool concepts. But the Shadow books take place on Earth for the most part and are far less sci-fi than the first series. At first, this was disappointing to me, but as I continued to read (listen), I enjoyed the world politics and military strategy. The character development was amazing as usual for Card.

So I’m a Card addict now. I even listened to “First Meetings: In the Enderverse.” It was cool to listen to the original Ender’s Game short story as well as the other additions to the characters in the Ender series.

I started Lost Boys (again by Card), but I don’t know how into it I am. I’m about 25% through it and have been disappointed in the complete lack of sci-fi or mystery. So far, it’s been an interesting story about a Mormon family and the trials of moving to a new region of the country. But I guess I was expecting something different. It’s still a typical Card novel in that the character development is incredible. And there is a lot of great human insight. I was just expecting different. Perhaps I just need to wait until it gets to the heart of the story.

So anybody have any additional suggestions for what I should listen to next? It has to be available on Audible.com or I can’t get it easily.

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