AJAX, Web 2.0, The Writable Web and other buzz words

So the above title is designed to drive Google traffic to my site… ok not really, but I don’t mind if it does.

I’m getting tired of all the buzz words associated with the new web design and application development philosophies on the Net these days. Admittely, I like to through around AJAX, although I fought calling it that for several months.

So here’s a question, what’s the best AJAX framework out there? I’ve heard of script.aculo.us and prototype.js. I also found a new one the other day… not free, but pretty amazing: Backbase. I’m also aware of the Yahoo’s Free Library and I’m sure there are others.

So let me know what are people’s favorites? Or at least some that I haven’t listed here.

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel Gibby says:

    When you say framework, do you mean javascript function libraries which include AJAX functionality, or something in addition to that?

    I found RICO to have some pretty cool functions and it is supposed to be written with security in mind. I haven’t looked into details though on what exactly they are doing for security.

  2. Reluctant says:

    Yeah, RICO is pretty cool, and yes, I mean javascript funtion libraries. RICO is one that I had forgotten about when I posted this.

    I’ve been impressed with many of the frameworks, but haven’t had a real chance to impliment any of them. I fear that they are bloated. Anybody actually implemented any of these?

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