AJAX, Web 2.0, The Writable Web and other buzz words

AJAX, Web 2.0, The Writable Web and other buzz words

So the above title is designed to drive Google traffic to my site… ok not really, but I don’t mind if it does.

I’m getting tired of all the buzz words associated with the new web design and application development philosophies on the Net these days. Admittely, I like to through around AJAX, although I fought calling it that for several months.

So here’s a question, what’s the best AJAX framework out there? I’ve heard of script.aculo.us and prototype.js. I also found a new one the other day… not free, but pretty amazing: Backbase. I’m also aware of the Yahoo’s Free Library and I’m sure there are others.

So let me know what are people’s favorites? Or at least some that I haven’t listed here.

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  1. Daniel Gibby says:

    When you say framework, do you mean javascript function libraries which include AJAX functionality, or something in addition to that?

    I found RICO to have some pretty cool functions and it is supposed to be written with security in mind. I haven’t looked into details though on what exactly they are doing for security.

  2. Reluctant says:

    Yeah, RICO is pretty cool, and yes, I mean javascript funtion libraries. RICO is one that I had forgotten about when I posted this.

    I’ve been impressed with many of the frameworks, but haven’t had a real chance to impliment any of them. I fear that they are bloated. Anybody actually implemented any of these?

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