Bionic Eye Anyone?

Bionic Eye Anyone?

The electronic eye takes photos in a 3D space rather than flatted in 2D

The electronic eye takes photos in a 3D space rather than flatted in 2D

You know you’ve dreamed about it.  You want a bionic eye.  Everyone does.  Since you were a kid watching The Six Mission Dollar Man, you’ve dreamed of the day when bionics could become a reality.  Most of the bionic parts of Steve Austin already exist in some form (although not usually exceptionally powerful).  But the bionic left eye has been rather elusive.

Your dream may soon be coming true.  Researchers from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University are working on a camera that could some day replace a human eye.  With a similar form factor as the eye, it could easily fit within a human eye socket.

It’s the curve of the camera that makes it most like an eye.  Unlike most cameras that often blur or minimize the focus of parts of the image on the outer edges, this new curved technology allows an image to be in focus in all parts of the image.

Check out the additional photos on CNET.

Lee Majors has nothing on us now.


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  1. Liz says:

    Ha, that is CRAZY! If i 12 gage can kick my arm back and bruise me, this would blow me back 20 feet. Its awesome, but NO ONE should be allowed to own one of these!

  2. Reluctant says:

    I think you ment this to be on the latest post “Guns and fun”

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