The war is over! Blu-ray Wins!

The war is over! Blu-ray Wins!'s version of a cartoonI recently wrote an article about the High Definition DVD format war.  Well, the war is over.  Yesterday, Toshiba (the creator of the HD-DVD format) announced it would cease production of HD-DVD technology.

So what does this mean for you?  Probably still nothing.  Should you rush out and buy a Blu-ray player?  Nope.  Prices are still way to high.  The cheapest Blu-ray players are still over $400 with the exception of an announced player from Funai for “less than $300”.  And in reality, the Sony Playstation 3 is probably the best bang for your buck in Blu-ray players.  Not only is it a top-quality player, but it also plays lots of amazing games (if you are into gaming).

I consider myself a bit of a technology geek.  I’m not the type that has to be the first to have new technology, but I consider myself an early adopter.  Although my main DVD player is on the fritz right now, I am going to hold off on a Blu-ray player.  Once they get below $250, I might consider a purchase.  Until then, the 480p resolution from standard DVD is going to have to suffice.

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