Google personalizes online maps

Google personalizes online maps

Google recently announced a new feature for Google Maps. It’s called “My Maps”, but the name doesn’t really do it justice. This new feature now brings Google Maps a little closer to the functionality available in Google Earth [download]. Don’t get me wrong, Google Earth has so many more amazing features that it blows Maps out of the water, but it’s an installed desktop application.

The huge benefit of Maps is that you don’t need to install an application in order to use it. It works in any modern browser and is lightweight and quick.

Google My Maps screenshotSo back to the new feature. My Maps allows you to place markers, draw lines and highlight areas to create your own personalized map. To try it out, I decided to create a map of where my family live (no stalkers please). Google Earth also provides this functionality. In fact, Maps provides a link to open your map in Google Earth.

Check out the announcement for some of the amazing maps available. My favorite is the tour of Historic Route 66.


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