Design and build your own home — by yourself

Design and build your own home — by yourself

Let’s play in the world of make believe for a while. Let’s pretend that you are in need of a new home. You want to build your own home. You’d like to design it by yourself without much in way of professional help. Now, here’s the kicker, you want to build the entire thing yourself as well, without construction knowledge or workers.

Ok… so is that possible? With the complexity of today’s homes, can you design and build your own home without the professionals? In todays world… yes!

Thanks to a couple UK companies, your dream could easily be a reality. Using 3D modeling on a computer, you design every aspect of your home, right down to the screw-hole placements. Then you can have your entire home “printed” in lumber. Then it’s delivered to your home. You put it together using standard household tools. If you can put together lego’s, you can put together a house.

For more info, check out posts from Core77 Design and Treehugger.

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