I need to enter rehab

I need to enter rehab

It seems as if entering rehab is the cool thing to do these days. And it’s not just for drug/alcohol addiction anymore. Mel Gibson entered rehab for his anti-semitic comments to a cop when he was drunk. So rather than focusing on rehab for his alcoholism, he is going to rehab to also deal with his antisemitism.

Another example is Isaiah Washington and his “homophobic” remarks toward a gay co-worker on Grey’s Anatomy.

So the message these “role models” are sending to America is “I’m not really responsible for anything I do or say — it’s a disease that I can’t control.” It’s the easy answer for the public criticism they receive for their stupidity. I guess that it’s an action they can attach to their words of apology. But in doing so, they cheapen what rehab is really for.

So I’ve decided to go to rehab for a few things:

1) I need help overcoming the “disease” of anti-romanticism. Not that I hate romance. I’m just not good at it. But if I claim it as a disease, it’s easier to blame something else. “It’s not my fault.”
2) What about my “disease” of laziness and pride? Is there a rehab for that?
3) I know I could show more compassion. So I’m searching for a rehab center for that as well.

And I’m sure my wife could suggest a few other rehab topic’s as well. Hopefully she’ll be gentle. Otherwise, she might have to go to rehab for “anti-gentleness.”

Note: Now in all seriousness, I think rehab is a good and vital tool in helping to fight drug addiction. I’m only mocking the incorrect use of rehab.

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