The view from the center

The view from the center

Sometimes, someone comes along with a brilliant idea. And this idea is brilliant ( I’ve contemplated it quite frequently and the author of this blog and I have discussed this multiple times in the past.

I’m sure there are many, many Americans that would quickly jump on this bandwagon. Most everyone I speak with about politics would agree with what is said in this post.

The real issue is what to do about it. What are the obstacles for developing a centrist party? What will it take to accomplish this (money, name recognition, lots of signatures, etc)? How would it affect the current political climate (other than the obvious advantages pointed out in the article)?
I would easily vote for a centrist if someone would be able to get past those dang caucuses and/or primaries. Of course, it depends on the individual running, but someone running with the philosophy briefly laid out in this post would get my vote.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I used to be a middle-of-the road Republican back when I lived in Delaware and the political parties there were virtually indistinguishable. I found myself right of Princeton’s center, but left of BYU’s. Nowadays, both parties are full of fiscally irresponsible ideologues and zealots and wannabes. I would love to see the equivalent of the German FDP here as a balance against extremism.

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