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What type of blogger are you?

Typealyzer is a site that analyzes a blog site and will indicate the psychological profile of the blogger.  Here’s what it said about this site. I’d say it’s pretty accurate except for the risk part. The Mechanics The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of…
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Explore Ancient Rome

Have you ever wanted to see what Rome was like in ancient times?  Time travel would be nice, but until that happens, you can use Google Earth.  Google recently announced a new layer in Google Earth that allows you to “go back in time” to see what Rome was like in 320 AD — in…
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Happy Halloween!

A little political humor to scare you (not literally of course).

If only all politics could be like this

Wouldn’t it be great if all politics could be this light-hearted. Part I [youtube Goaj5V4tZoc] Part II [youtube mrqoSyKsAPw] Part III [youtube NXKaAQ-6BiU] Part IV [youtube QkBQf4FJi-o]

Where is the world is Santa?

Ever wanted to know exactly where Santa is on Christmas Eve? Well, usually you would have to wait for the news or something similar. But this year, the traditional Santa trackers (NORAD) and Google have teamed up to give you the best way to track Santa. Santa can now be tracked through Google Earth. If…
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