Happy 25th B-day Mac!

Happy 25th B-day Mac!

Many of you may remember that I recently converted from using a Linux computer to an Apple MacBook Pro. However, that wasn’t my first experience with Apple hardware. My first programming was actually done on an Apple IIe (in 8th grade – it was the coolest computer drawing of a B52 bomber). And I spent far too many hours designing the layout for the high school newspaper on a Macintosh stuck away in the library.

Today is a significant day in the world of computers.  The Apple Macintosh was introduced (or rather introduced itself) to the world exactly 25 years ago.  The Macintosh was revolutionary in so many ways.  For the first time, personal computers had a graphical user interface (GUI). And sound was an integral part of the operating system.

Check out the following video (thanks TUAW). And notice the young Steve Jobs.

[youtube G0FtgZNOD44]


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